عزيزة.. أرملة تتحول لسيدة أعمال في مجال توريد الدجاج

Noor project

In one of the villages very far in the middle of the desert, where there is one of the poorest places in Niger, and one of the most demolished villages in the country.

Suddenly our team decided to visit it, and they shocked from what they have seen, you can see just ruined no houses no wells no sheeps, there is just nothing, so the team start working some pictures and some videos, publishing it on our social media platform and here we are waiting

than we have a couple of messages from a faithful sister who decided to change the fate of that poor village, donating us with enough money to open a mosque,school and an orphanage, distributing food and clothes on all the people of the village and making a party for the kids after finishing all the work, so we have named the project on her name, and her name is Noor and the mening of that word in arabic is light, may allah accept from our sister and from us

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